Summary<BR>Residual herbicides (PRE and POST) are crucial for managing Palmer amaranth <BR> <BR>Milo-Pro (2 pt/A) and Reflex (1 pt/A) provided 96% and 99% control, respectively at 3 WA-PRE, the timing of the first POST application <BR> <BR>Milo-Pro was most effective as a POST applied herbicide when following Reflex PRE (residual and topical activity) <BR> <BR>A single application (2 pt/A POST1) or two applications (1 pt/A POST1 and POST2) of Milo-Pro provided 85% and 94% control, respectively, of GLY-R Palmer 2 WA-POST2 and carried the crop to layby and harvest <BR> <BR>According to these results, Milo-Pro may be a useful component in an INTEGRATED program to manage GLY-R Palmer amaranth <BR>