Soybean varieties screened in 2008 that had adequate tolerance to Boundary 6.5EC (2 pt/A), Canopy 75DG (5 oz/A), and Sencor 75DG (6 oz/A). <BR>Ag South AGS 568 	  	Asgrow H7242 <BR>Asgrow 4903 RR/STS 	Delta Pineland DP 5634 <BR>Delta Pineland DP 6568 	Northrup King NKS 80P2 <BR>Northrup King NKS 76L9	Northrup King NKS 78G6 <BR>Pioneer 95Y40		Pioneer 95Y70 <BR>Pioneer 96M60		Pioneer 97M50 <BR>Southern States RT5951	Southern States RT4808 <BR>Vigoro V61N9		Vigoro V74N9 <BR>