Grower and County Extension Agent (CEA) Farm-Scale Observations with TTI60 Nozzle<BR>105 acre peanut field planted on 5/22/2017 <BR> <BR>All peanut herbicides, except Valor, were applied by grower with JD-R4030 sprayer using either the XRC-11005VP or TTI60-11005VP nozzle tips. <BR>Prowl (5/21/2017)  <BR>Cadre + Dual Magnum + Bravo (6/15/2017) <BR> <BR> General Comments/Observations: <BR>Grower and CEA were very pleased with performance. <BR>Would like to be able to use TTI60 for everything? <BR>6179 lb/A peanut yield (4380 lb/A state average) <BR>