How would I use RR corn systems?<BR>If you are unwilling to use a PRE application of atrazine or something else…. <BR>2 applications of glyphosate <BR>1st application: 21-28 DAP + atrazine (1.5-2.0 qt/A) <BR>2nd application: 35-40 DAP <BR> Sequence (s-metolachlor + glyphosate) <BR> Expert (s-metolachlor + atrazine + glyphosate) <BR> Halex GT (mesotrione + s-metolachlor + glyphosate) <BR> Do not forget to include extra seed costs/A in your budgets! <BR>Irrigated @ 30,000/A = $6.00/A <BR>Dryland @ 18,000/A = $4.00/A <BR>