Qualitative fit testing is adequate and will comply with all APRs and most SCBAs  (some SCBAs used for fire fighting may require quantitative fit test but these will not likely be used by applicators). Sample of total costs for having a company come to do fit tests and medical questionnaires are as follows:  for <10 workers: $100 per worker, 11-20 workers: $78 per worker, 21-30 workers: $58 per worker (see http://bestfittest.com/  ).  Companies may be willing to negotiate competitive prices.  Quantitative fit testing gives an objective measure of the quality of the seal between the wearer's face and the facepiece. A fit factor number is produced.<BR>TWO TYPES OF FIT TESTING<BR>Growers can do their own fit testing as long as they conduct once a year and document using an approved test.<BR>Cost:$8200   Rental:$600.00 <BR>Supplies: $125/24 test <BR>Respirator Adapter: $125 - 275<BR>