Sesame Weed Control<BR>The only herbicide registered for use in sesame in GA is Select Max.  Select Max can be applied from 9-16 oz/A + NIS @ 0.25% v/v.   Select Max should not be applied during flowering. <BR> <BR>Dual Magnum is labeled in other states (TX + FL) but not Georgia.   Currently, I have conducted only 3 sesame trials in GA.  In 1 trial, I observed minimal injury from Dual.  In 2 trials, I observed significant sesame stunting/death from Dual (wetter conditions).  <BR> <BR>More work on sesame is needed but there are not enough acres yet in GA to justify a large-scale effort on my part.  For every sesame trial I conduct, that is one less peanut, soybean or corn trial that  I can conduct.<BR>