Enlist™ Herbicide Tolerant Corn<BR>tolerance to 2,4-D and Assure + GLY <BR>Trait was deregulated in September 2014 and herbicide in October 2014 <BR>Colex-D™ technology <BR>2,4-D choline <BR>lower volatility <BR>lower drift potential <BR>enhanced handling/mixing characteristics <BR>reduced odor <BR>1 PRE application + 2 POST applications (30” or V8 stage); 30-48” = drops <BR>Enlist™ Duo <BR>DMA-Glyphosate (1.7 lb ae/gal) + 2,4-D choline (1.6 lb ae/gal) = 3.5-4.75 pt/A <BR>2015 Product Launch <BR>IA, IL, IN, OH, SD, WI  (first) <BR>AR, KS, LA, MN, MO, MS, NE, ND, OK, TN (next)<BR>2,4-D choline<BR>