Label Tank Mixing Guidelines  Current (new)<BR>Order of Tank Mixing - In general, Gramoxone SL 2.0 tank mixes with other products and should be mixed as follows: <BR> <BR>Fill spray tank 1/2 full with clean water or other approved carriers such as clear liquid fertilizer. <BR>Begin tank agitation and continue throughout mixing and spraying. <BR>Add nonionic surfactant to tank. <BR>Add dry formulations (WP, DF, etc.) to tank. <BR>Add liquid formulations (SC, EC, L, etc.) to tank. <BR>Add Gramoxone SL 2.0 to tank. <BR>Add crop oil concentrate or methylated seed oil where needed <BR>Fill remainder of spray tank. <BR> <BR>Always refer to labels of other pesticide products for mixing directions and precautions which may differ from those outlined here. <BR> <BR>Since many of the herbicides listed on this label are available in several types of formulations, it is advisable to perform a jar test to check physical compatibility. <BR>